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The Burns and Allen Show was a situation comedy series broadcast from 1929 to 1950 first on BBC, London, later CBS, and NBC. George Burns and Gracie Allen played themselves in this comedy. George and Gracie got married after years of performing together before they started the show. Elvia Allman starred as Gracie's friend Tootsie Sagwell. Mel Blanc played the postman. Margaret Brayton was Mrs. Billingsley. Burns and Allen were first discovered by the British as they were doing a vaudeville tour in England. The Brits welcomed and loved them, particularly Gracie. After airing on CBS and NBC, the Burns and Allen Show was a national sensation in the early 30s and remained fairly popular throughout the 40s. In fact, Burns was considered "one of the funniest men alive, " while Gracie "one of the five most famous women in America."

The Burns and Allen Show features the home life of a couple in show business. George works for a radio program as a performer. Gracie Allen plays a hilarious scatterbrain and sometimes acts as George's agent. Her lines are the funniest and wackiest in a non-sensical manner and they carry the weight of the show. Gracie has a singular ability to deliver her stunts and gags in the dumbest yet most innocent way.

Gracie's skits were mostly handled and very often written by her husband George Burns. George was instrumental in advancing Gracie's career and was happy to see Gracie in the limelight.

There are 258 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Leaving for America September 26, 1934
Gracie's Christmas Carol - 1936 December 23, 1936
Gracie Honors New Orleans December 9, 1936
Landing of the Indians at Plymouth November 25, 1936
Gracie Plays Sadie Thompson January 15, 1936
Poncho Villa Rides Again December 16, 1936
Gracie as a Dramatic Actress December 2, 1936
Recipe for Hollywood Sweetie Pie January 6, 1937
Dulcy with Burns and Allen May 29, 1937
Another Murder Mystery January 17, 1938
Gracie's Murder Mystery January 10, 1938
Gracie Reads Frank Robinsons Telegram October 7, 1938
Professor Thorndyke Studies Gracie October 21, 1940
Last Broadcast for CBS June 26, 1940
George Is on Trial September 2, 1940
Elsie Trellafas Is Suing George August 26, 1940
George Disguises Himself as a Woman October 7, 1940
George Is Late for Show August 19, 1940
Grandpa's 92nd Birthday July 8, 1940
Gold Rush August 12, 1940
George Owes Money for Phone Calls September 9, 1940
Whats Wrong With Gracie October 14, 1940
George's Movie August 5, 1940
Christmas Show December 23, 1940
Kiddie Party July 29, 1940

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